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De Soto, 1937

De Soto, 1937

Click image for 760 x 1000 size.

Scanned from Taschen’s "All-American Ads of the 30s".

"Wake up and drive the smartest car of 1938!

Alice Faye skims over the hills back of Hollywood in her big new De Soto

A beautiful girl and a beautiful car - both going places! Wherever you look you’ll find it’s true - smart people are picking this wonderful new De Soto!

The answer? Simple as ABC. Today. De Soto gives you funewear features at small-car cost. Superb appearance… the luxury of a ‘cushioned’ ride… thrilling performance… and plenty of room for six people!

You get ‘lightening-fast’ pick-up with the improved 93-h.p.. ‘Economy Engine.’ Easier shifting and easier steering no ‘road-shock’. Bigger hydraulic brakes stop you quickly, surely. You ride in a safety-steel body rubber-mounted on a stronger, heavier frame. This new De Soto gives you plus-value, right straight through!

Yet this big car is priced just above the lowest… and costs no more to run than most small cars! Don’t wait any longer - see your De Soto dealer now! De Soto Division of Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, Michigan.”

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